Friday, September 18, 2009

Our 5 YeAr AnIvErSaRy!!!!

So Yeah I'm A week late but what the heck. We are celebrating this weekend. So Blake and I got married on 9-11-04 yeah I know 9-11. That was all the wedding place had and we were determined to get married in the summer. But something good had to come out of that day! Right? So here are just a few pics of our BIG day 5 years ago.
There's My Man! Handsome devil he is!

me and my dad. xoxo

Blake and my 2 awesome brother in laws. Let me tell you what Brian and Brett has always been there for us and they do so much for me and they have really made me feel like a sister. I love them to pieces. Oh and you should see them with my girls they are just awesome!!!!

So Blake and I have our song by Alabama that we would always sing together whether we were at home or going camping and we had little hand motions we would do and so Aunt Mary some how found out about our secret song and dance and they played it and made us dance. Oh man I was embarrassed I couldn't even move in that dress of mine but I have to say it was pretty fun and we had everyone laughing and a little dancing. I think it loosened everyone up to come out and dance cuz we had some good dancin goin on that night!!!

This is my favorite pic. We call it my grandpas last dance cuz he passed soon after. But he was a dancin fool that night. It was so good to see him have such a great time. I love that guy!!!

Now leave this one to Aunt Janet. Blake was searching for that garder and this was what he found. Little does everyone know he was wearing them that night. No totally joking I don't know who the Lucky person to get those were.

Me and my sister and my BFF Kaz and Nieces Bailey, Presley and Kylee. They look so little it's crazy what five years does.

My new Wonderful Family!

These family pics are not to good but this is my whole wonderful family!

And we are off to the room and HAWAII the next morning!

Here we come HAWAII

I can't believe I am putting this pic on but it's kinda funny and Blake always makes fun of me cuz I always givin that hang loose sign! That was so much fun seeing all the cool fish!
Those dolphins were so cute. It makes me want to go back!
We went on a horse ride I know and we could go on one down here but oh my gosh this was so fun we had a blast and blake thought he was such a good rider but he didn't even know how to hold the reins. You did good though babe!

We went to a place called bubba gumps just for blake cuz we call him bubba and they had some awesome food I highly recommend it! So that's it I can't believe it's been five years. And 2 kids later wow were does the time go but it's been awesome and it's so fun to have a family. Blake I Love you and hopefully on our 10 year we'll be back in Hawii!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kanyon's shoe Fetish

Kanyon love's pulling out all of my shoes and wearing them all over the house.

Girl's Swinging

Jerzi has such a fat little face

My Sweet Pea

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So where does my time go I don't know? But let me just tell you the last couple months have been crazy. So my kids both had the rhino virus for like a month Yeah I seriously didn't leave my house for a month I was going crazy! Sick kids are the worst and I feel so helpless! Then I did that craft fair so I was busy in my dads work shop using all of his cool tools making my stuff! It was a lot of work but I learned how to use some tools and my dad enjoyed teaching me! Then poor little Kanyon got a kidney infection and we were in the hospital for a couple days. She goes in this week to get some tests to make sure her kidney's are working like the should! So I hope everything goes good with that! Because let me tell you what I am ready for SUMMER!!! I can't wait to do some campin, 4 wheelin, and boating and we just got a 5th wheel so I'm sooo ready to bust that sucker out! This week we are going to Idaho with my family just for the night and then we are shooting up to Bear Lake with Blakes family so it will be nice to get away for a few days! So that's whats been happenin in the Bennett fam! Hope everyone is doin good and I'm sure you are all ready for summer as well!!! Here are some random pics. ENJOY!!!
So I waited a little long to get the cowgirl pics cuz poor Jerzi grew out of her hat. So she is like the Houdy duty cowgirl! She is getting sooo big and she has such a cute layed back personality. She is like me and Kanyons personality is like Blakes. (Moody) But she really is a sweet girl and a good big sister! I love my girls!

Jerzi is just sun bathing!

She is such a Happy Girl!

I think we are little to BIG!!!

Brian poppin some wheelies

They were having competitions who could do the longest wheelie. CRAZY BOYS!!!

Old Lady JERZI and Great Grams! I don't know who the old lady is here!

Kanyon ridin her 4 wheeler!

Old Lady Jerz again!

The girls are making silly faces!


My lil Beach Babe!

Blowin some bubbles I love this pic!

Kanyon and cousin Braxton

Grammy Betty and her girls

My little bundles of LOVE!

Smooches xoxo

As you can see I love matching my girls it's sooo fun and come on arn't they adorable!!!

Kanyon wasn't liking the bear but Jerzi didn't care!

So Sweet!

Bennett girly's

Dad's 60th Birthday!

Halloween Fun!